Sliding Shelter Presentation

Below are some concept and detail drawings presented at a workshop with the director of thesis at the Boston Architectural College. These explorations focused on the concept of a two-module systems that nests within itself and allows for flexibility of space utilization. Drawings explored how light affects the program use of the modules and exterior space, and how an interstitial space between the modules might be more protected and useful than the open land.

Module Mock-Up

Testing some module ideas by constructing a small-scale mock-up. This configuration is driven by a limited material palette (plywood and 2x4s) and the idea of creating whole building frames that would be spaced on a 4'-0" module. I incorporated some layered joints inspired by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects' Ghost 2 installation.

Modular Shelter Ideas

Below are some conceptual ideas for a mobile shelter in Barrow which serves the community as a gathering space and warm-up hut. This concept defines modules that can be combined in different ways during construction, and fixed to skis for mobility. The shelter could serve the community when they bring in whales on the point, have bonfires or barbecues on the beach, or gather for burials in the cemetery. 

Some studies of dimensions and size requirements for various activities. Many configuration options are possible, two are shown here.

A third configuration possibility, with ski base and snow fence component ideas.

Beach bonfire use configuration. The snow fence component has been flipped on its side to use for additional seating.

Below are some of the background information and studies performed to create this modular mobile design.

Snow fence observations and design potential: creating a protected entry zone to direct snow where it can be more useful or kept out of the way.

The images below give some context to two of the potential locations of the shelter: the beachfront near Barrow/Browerville, and the whale landing site out near the point.

Beach site near town.

Beach site near town.

Whale landing site near cabins north of NARL.

Whale landing site near cabins north of NARL.