Circles and Curves

Today was a great day full of visitors, good progress, and plenty of silliness! We framed up most of the walls, cut fun circle holes in them, installed the curved roof rafters, the metal roofing, and blocking at the eaves, and cut and installed the curved wall ribs for the shelter we are calling A.C. After a week and a half of learning and being together, we're beginning to work more smoothly as a team, with students carrying their tasks through much more autonomously. All the visitors who stop by to see our progress are very impressed.

Joe, Geoffrey, and Anu prep the roof to install standing seam metal. 

Mike P. grinds a joist hanger. 

Kirsten, Milly, and Marina work to cut the curved ribs for the wall of A.C.

The ribs installed.

Misha, Branham, and Evelyn pose happily with the wall they framed and cut portholes into. 

Geoffrey and Dennis help Nick cut scrap metal we found on the beach that will make an interesting detail on Sadie's walls.

Walls framed and circle windows cut.

Among our visitors today were a few V.I.P.s. Pearl Brower, the president of Ilisagvik College, came by to meet the students, see what they've been up to, and discuss with them the possibilities for their future. A little while later, we were surprised by a visit from Bob Harcharek, the Mayor of the City of Barrow, and his son Nagruk, who has been very helpful in obtaining donations of supplies. All were pleased with the structure designs and construction and impressed with the work the students have done in just a few days.

The whole team poses with Nagruk and Bob Harcharek.

We were all particularly focused in the afternoon, perhaps driven by the realization that we need to be finished in less than two days (a fact we reinforced in a pep-talk after lunch). There was still time for a little silliness and posing for some pictures though!

The structures already seem like a good fit for a playground...

Dennis and MIke P. checking out their pictures.

Joe found the perfect pair of work gloves.

Billy tests the strength of the beam with a self-engineered swing.