Raise the Roof!

A lot was accomplished today! A few of us woke up bright and early for a special field trip - we went with Tennessee down to the radio station, KBRW, to talk about the camp and the pavilions we are building. Four students came along and had fun answering Bob's questions about their experiences. We hope the radio spot will help spread the word about our project and get some community members to come out to our celebration on Friday. 

The recording studio.

Bob, the announcer, talks with Lena about why she came to Design Build Camp.

Billy jokes on the air. 

Today's work tasks were focused on getting the roofs up on the structures. We had two more columns to install, then we put some time into bracing things off to make sure the structures were square and plumb. Most of the morning was spent cutting, layout out, and installing the rafters for the main roof sections. In the afternoon, the sheathing and waterproofing went on, we framed in a wall, and a few took on the challenging task of making a curved rafter for the smaller roof sections.

Kirsten shows her pride for her work.

April and I put a beam into place.

We had another exciting moment this morning when our client stopped by. Christopher Battle with the City of Barrow recreation department came over to check out the progress and was very impressed and excited by the work we've done. Jeremy Goodwin, also with the City, should be coming by soon to plan the logistics of moving the structures to the playgrounds where we can anchor them in place.

Chris talks with Milly about the structure design.

Laying out the rafter spacing for the roof.

Misha and Kirsten get ready to install a joist hanger.

Geoffrey grinds off the tops of the joist hangers, since the only ones available were too long for our beams.

Milly and April look on while Marina cuts along their curved rafter lines.

Geoffrey takes a break and gets a bird's eye view.

Progress shot at the end of the day.

Looking a lot like shelters!