Sled Bases Complete

Saturday after Independence Day meant we let the students (and ourselves) sleep in... but just a little bit. Breakfast is served 7.30 - 8.30 here, so if we wanted to eat we had to get up. Some campers went back to sleep, but everyone managed to be ready for action by 10. We put in some good work before lunch, then took a break to go back to the Fourth of July games downtown. A couple of students took home some prize money! Our afternoon was very productive, as we finished the sled bases! Getting the spreaders installed took some effort, but teamwork got the job done. The sleds look great! In addition, we prepped and cut columns from salvaged wood and made progress on the design concept, incorporating everyone's ideas together in two variations on the basic form. 

Nick demonstrates the proper technique for attaching the sled runner to the ski. 

Joe strikes a pose while prepping the holes for the spreader bolts.

Branham and Dennis countersink holes prior to screwing down the sled runners.

Evelyn and Lena apply ice and water shield to the top of each ski for moisture protection.

Branham, Misha, and Evelyn prep scavenged boards for use as columns by pulling out rusty nails and staples.

Nick gives a lesson on using a skilsaw to trim up the deck boards on the sled.

Mike P., Geoffrey, and Billy work on screwing the deck on the second sled base.

April, Lena, Kirsten, Marina, Billy, and Joe pose proudly with their finished sled base.

Instructor pic - proud of our students work!

Finished sleds!

Concept sketches in progress - incorporating student ideas to modify a basic form.