Presentation Day

Woke up to thick fog, which hung around the college most of the day. After breakfast and our daily morning games and stretching, the students spent an hour adding the final touches to their models and drawings, then set them up in the shop for presentations. Just before we started, as if on cue, Masaak showed up with a beautiful model dogsled his son made from caribou jaw bones and other traditional materials. 

Milly discusses the attributes of Billy's design with the group.

Misha explains her roof design concept.

Mike P. talks about his shelter design concept.

After excellent presentations by all and some discussion about the designs, we were faced with a difficult task - how to take thirteen different concepts and begin to narrow them down to a set of design principles for the two structures we are beginning to build. We brainstormed as a team and came up with a list of characteristics the structures will need to share. Each person discussed the individual feature they thought was most suitable, from the entire group of designs, and we created a dichotomy, grouping the features to form two different concepts. About one third the class was interested in creating a more curvilinear, stage-like, mostly open shelter, while two-thirds were leaning towards a more rectilinear, more enclosed hang-out space. 

As the students broke for lunch, we had a teacher meeting (one of many daily) to come up with a plan for keeping the designs constructable in our limited time frame. We chose a basic form that was common to many of the students' concepts, leaving room to incorporate the more organic and complex design features through non-structural portions of the shelter. 

In the afternoon, we headed to the computer lab to introduce digital modeling through SketchUp. The students were each given a flash drive with the sled base pre-modeled and we walked through modeling the columns that would support the roof. For the latter part of the afternoon, half the group split off and went back to the shop, completing one ski for our sled bases, and prepping the baleen for soaking. Milly and I worked with the group in the SketchUp lab to develop the basic form we had chosen into more detailed models.

Marina shows off her SketchUp skills.

In the evening, we watched videos made by students at the college, and celebrated the birthday of one of our students with a cake made by Tennessee. Happy birthday, Evelyn!

The fog lifted slightly in the evening and the sun started poking through... hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow as we celebrate the Fourth of July in the northernmost city in the USA!