We did it!!

Yesterday was an exciting day! We put the final touches on the structures in the morning, painting the detail on Sadie, adding trim here and there to both structures, and installing our plaques. 

Dennis screws in some trim board on Sadie.

Evelyn paints Barrow Whalers colors - blue, yellow, and white.

Kirsten paints a fur ruff around one of the circle windows while April peeks through. The ruff windows were a hit with all the students before we even pulled the structures outside!

After lunch, we focused on getting our shop ship shape and had a brief afternoon break to listen to the middle school Earth Science campers present the work from their week. Nick stayed behind to help the Ilisagvik maintenance team move the shelters out of the shop, and we all came over to set up the student models and drawings for presentations. We had a pretty good turnout in the audience while the students presented their individual work and talked about what they learned from building the structures. We watched the excellent movie Rob made about the camp (link to be posted soon), and then brought everyone out for a tour of the structures and some photo ops. 

Mike P. and Geoffrey make a few final adjustments to the base of A.C.

Middle school campers play around on Sadie.

After the presentation, it was moving time! With A.C. loaded onto the forklift and some confusion by the drivers as to which playground it was going to, a caravan started down the road toward the playground, following our slow moving structure. 

A.C. loaded up and ready to go.

The proud and happy team!

A few of us worked to level out our spot at the playground while waiting for the loader to arrive. The park was full of kids and a few parents, curious about what was happening. The loader maneuvered between basketball hoops and play structures, and with a little finessing and teamwork, we got A.C. in place. The excited local kids jumped on the structure almost before we got it off the forks! 

Dennis smooths the ground where the structure will be installed.

The interested crowd swarms the pavilion.

The loader went back for round two while the rest of us headed to the second site to prep the ground. It was colder, windy, and mostly empty, but the few people at the playground were excited to hear what was coming. A woman there with her grandchildren was almost in disbelief and after the structure was installed, she spent time talking with all the students, congratulating them on their hard work. 

The loader carries Sadie down the road toward the park.

Students pose with their work for onlookers photo ops.

Installations successful, we finished our day with a well-deserved party. Most of the college staff was there, as well as some community members, and all the middle school students from the Earth Science camp as well. We enjoyed food prepared by Simon and Tenna and built a raging bonfire to roast marshmallows. Many brave souls took a celebratory plunge in the Arctic Ocean to cap off the evening. 

Dennis contemplates the cold water before diving down.

Frank, Yvonne, and Evelyn make the plunge.

Marshmallow roasting time!

What a thrilling day! More pictures of the structures in use coming soon...