Shelters in Use

On our last day in Barrow, Milly and I took a bit of time to go back to the playgrounds and photograph the structures in use. The rainy weather meant the playgrounds weren't as full as the day before, but there were still a few kids who were playing about on the structures. On A.C., the were mostly on the roof, to no one's surprise. Kids in Barrow like to climb on things! Sadie might be a bit harder to climb up on since it isn't near a fence, and the kids love poking their faces in the circle holes. A few kids posed for a picture with me on A.C., and I took detail shots and some video footage at each site. When the rain started coming down heavier later in the day, Milly passed by A.C. on her way to the airport and informed me all the kids were taking shelter inside. So far, the structures seem to have met success!

Exploring A.C.

Checking it out on multiple levels.

The roof is the best spot, according to some...


Baleen detail at doorway.

Baleen detail at bench.

Baleen trim.

Plaque signed by the creators.

Sadie fits in well with her surroundings.

Checking out the new structure.

Through the porthole.

Climbing in.

The sun came out for a brief moment and filtered in the holes.

Whales tale and donation plaque.

Bench and circles.

Posing in the ruff. 

Circle trim detail.

Scavenged metal panel detail.