Almost Done

Yesterday was such a busy day I didn't have time to get a post up! We did a lot of finishing work, including stretching canvas on the wall and roof of A.C., building our final wall, painting and staining, building benches, making plaques, and adding baleen and metal accents for a creative and cultural final design touch. Today will be a half day adding the final polish, and this afternoon we have a presentation and celebration for the college and the community. Our final challenge will be moving the structures to the locations at the playgrounds, with the help of the college maintenance department and the City of Barrow recreation department. When our structures are securely in place tonight, we'll celebrate with a bonfire on the beach for the students and all their hard work!

Lena puts a coat of finish on a plaque for each structure.

Milly helps Anu and Geoffrey position baleen over the doorway of A.C.

Mike P. and Geoffrey install baleen trim on A.C.

Stretching canvas over the ribs, like skins on an umiaq (skin boat).

Dennis and Branham take a break on the bench they built.

Kirsten and Joe work on finishing a bench.

Proud of my students work, hanging out in Sadie.

Posing proudly under the baleen in A.C.

Circle details on Sadie.

Marina, Evelyn, and Kirsten came in late to paint the plaques and pose for some pictures.

Sadie from above.

A.C. from above.

Details on Sadie.