Sunday Explorations

We had a low-key morning at Ilisagvik, with most of the students sleeping in until Sunday brunch at 11:30. The day outside was beautiful, so we loaded up the van and headed out to check out the cabins at Pigniq, the duck camp which usually marks the last point where a car can safely travel. But the road was open beyond the cabins, so we drove as far as we could and then walked towards the northernmost point of land in America. 

Nick and Anu skipping stones from the sea ice.

We all beachcombed as we walked towards the point and there was a lot to find. Among the treasures we collected were bones (large and small), eggs. beautiful rocks, beach glass, a dog toy, and even a message in a bottle! Our afternoon adventure gave us a great chance to take in the environment outside Barrow as we prepare to design for the town. 

Anu and Branham tried their egg-toss skills with one of the ones from the nest.

Checking out the message in a bottle. It originated in Barrow a year and a half ago, and clearly didn't make it far. We plan to add to it at the end of camp and send it back out for take two!